Under a Flaming Sky

Flaming Sky

* A 2007 Washington State Book Award finalist.

* An American’s Library Association’s “Editor’s Choice” for 2006.

* A Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writer’s” Selection for 2006 (and a finalist for the Discover Award).

Several years ago, I set out to learn more about what exactly happened in Hinckley Minnesota on the first day of September, 1894–the hot, dusty day that my grandfather’s world exploded in flames and my great-grandfather died. As I dug through musty old newspapers, tattered books, and faded letters, I discovered an extraordinary tale about an almost unbelievable event, and I’ve recorded that tale in my first book, Under a Flaming Sky.

In addition to telling an inspiring survival story, the book traces the social, economic, and environmental causes of the disaster, and my hope is that you will be not only moved but also informed by this compelling but often overlooked slice of American history.